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Harry Rix

Assurance Consultant

Harry is an Assurance Consultant currently responsible for delivering assurance as part of the RoI Retail Market Design Service’s Assurance Body. Having joined Gemserv in November 2016 Harry lent his expertise to a variety of metering contracts including the Meter Operators Code of Practice Agreement (MOCOPA), UK Metering Forum and Pre-payment Metering Forum. Harry then delivered the Master Registration Agreement’s (MRA) assurance services to Gemserv’s clients and continued to develop, deliver and report on assurance activities relating to the UK and RoI until eventually joining Gemserv Ireland upon the completion of the MRA.

Harry’s experience across many of Gemserv’s delivery and consultancy contracts provides a client-focused viewpoint, considering client’s needs to deliver the best possible service.


  • Ireland & GB Energy Market Specialist
  • Performance Assurance
  • Code Governance and Compliance

Latest Thoughts By Harry Rix

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