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Data Protection, Security & Risk

We are an expert provider of professional services enabling the data revolution. We help businesses gain a competitive advantage through building trust with their consumers in handling data.

  • Business Continuity

    Helping make sure you could cope in a crisis.

  • Payment Card Data Security | A padlock on top of bank cards, mobile phone and keyboard.

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

    Minimising risk and cost in meeting industry standards.

  • Connected Devices

    Reducing risks and maximising the benefit of the Internet of Things (IOT).

  • Binary code overlays an image of a city | Cyber security services

    Cyber Security

    Proactive approach to protection.

  • Data, Analytics & AI

    Data is at the heart of an organisation’s digital transformation. We can help you overcome challenges to deliver the right data to support your business.

  • Data illustration | Gemserv Capabilities

    Data Protection

    Data protection for a new landscape.

  • nformation-Security_600-350

    Information Security

    We help businesses gain a competitive advantage through building trust with their consumers in handling data.

  • Risk Management

    Building a better approach to risk.

  • Third Party Assurance

    Providing confidence in the suppliers you work with.

    Enabling businesses to gain a competitive advantage

    The data revolution is already starting to transform the way businesses understand and interact with their customers.

    The opportunities for businesses to gain a competitive advantage in this new landscape are huge. But it won’t just be the way organisations collect, analyse, store and use data that will determine success.Harnessing and handling data in a way that builds and maintains confidence to meet the requirements of regulators and expectations of stakeholders (most importantly consumers’ own personal data) will be critical.

    At Gemserv, we see compliance with data security standards not as a burden but as an enabler to help clients benefit from demonstrating robust business processes and confidence in data security. Our insight can help you understand the real value of compliance to your organisation and find the most effective way to quickly reap the benefits. In an ever-more connected world, data has become increasingly important to individuals and organisations.

    We work with organisations to achieve and maintain compliance across information and data security standards, ensuring the process has maximum impact by directly linking it to benefits for your business. Our knowledge of compliance and governance also gives us the insight to see the ‘bigger picture’ across standards (current and those on the horizon). Being able to identify common strands across the many compliance standards and implement in the most efficient way to enhance business processes is where we can really deliver added value for your business. We can achieve this by combining methodologies across compliance standards so that the assessment, audit, ongoing management and communications become streamlined to minimise complexity and duplication. By working in collaboration, we help develop an effective methodology to embed a robust and secure approach to data which becomes ‘business as usual’ for your organisation. This approach means assessments don’t become a major drain on resources. Compliance with existing and future standards is achieved and maintained as your business grows or evolves to take advantage of new opportunities.