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Connected Devices

We are an expert provider of professional services enabling the data revolution. We help businesses gain a competitive advantage through building trust with their consumers in handling data.

A unique insight

Our experience in the design, development and deployment of devices used on the edge means we understand the unique challenges involved in ensuring security right across a network.

We also have experience of the communications protocols used in IoT systems (HAN, LAN, WAN, LPWAN) and of IT administration and best practice in cloud systems.

As well as working collaboratively with clients on designing and developing IoT systems we also carry out security assessments for existing implementations. These help organisations better understand the security of their IoT devices and identify paths to mitigate any potential issues.

Assessments also provide peace of mind to IoT service providers that any third-party devices they deploy meet security requirements.

Reducing risks and maximising the impact of Internet of Things (IoT) projects through insight across technology, connectivity and security

  • In the fast-evolving IoT space, the technology is only part of the story.

    Industry estimates suggest 75% of IoT projects fail as solutions often don’t effectively take account of the whole picture. With many competing technologies, establishing the right solution to meet your particular needs requires specialist insight.

    However good the device technology, ensuring that data is protected right across the network – from capture through to deletion – is also critical to the success of any IoT project.

  • As well as data security, connectivity is crucial to successful deployment and ensuring devices can reliably communicate across multiple networks and connect potentially millions of devices brings many challenges.

    Our Connected Devices team helps reduce the risks involved in your IoT deployment through their knowledge and experience of the technologies, connectivity and security to ensure a resilient, fit for purpose, secure solution.

    We don’t just do the theory – our team has more than 60 years of combined experience of developing and deploying secure IoT systems across areas such as Smart Metering, Enterprise and Connected Homes.

Connected Devices Consultancy

Our experience across technology, data protection and information security will help your business develop an IoT system to meet best practice standards as well as existing and future regulatory obligations.

We understand the technical requirements across software and hardware and what is required to achieve security standards. As well as providing insight into the different elements of an IoT implementation, we understand the complexities of how it all needs to work together – and that security of any IoT system is only as strong as its weakest link. Our InfoSec and GDPR specialists are able to work together to provide complete end-to-end assessments.

For organisations looking to embark on an IoT project, our technical advisory services include:

  • Solution architecture
  • Technology review
  • Requirements / Specification development
  • Security best practice
  • Data protection

For further information about how we can help you can be found on the Connected Devices Consultancy page.