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Data Protection Officer Service

Our expert consultancy services help businesses make the right decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Our Consultancy Services

Successful businesses will be driven by trusted, quality data, whether this is to provide an insight of their customers, to drive efficiency, or to automate processes.

The IoT will be an integral part of the infrastructure required to provide such data; but for it to succeed that infrastructure must be secure, resilient and safe.

Data is a valuable commodity and any commodity must be protected to maintain its worth. If data can be tampered with, it is worthless, costly and potentially dangerous.

Protect data. Build trust. Be successful.

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A Data Protection Officer

  • Did you know….? The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has estimated that over 75,000 Data Protection Officers will be required worldwide as a result of the GDPR.

    The appointment of a Data Protection Officer is a legal core obligation for many organisations operating in the European Union (EU) and is the cornerstone of accountability to facilitate compliance with the GDPR.

    Article 37 of the GDPR has explicitly recognised the potential for external consultants to provide Data Protection Officer services on the basis of a service contract.

  • The Article 29 Working Party (now the European Data Protection Board) has elaborated on the structure of such a service, focusing on the efficiency benefits, independence and accessibility.

    Gemserv can provide full outsourced data protection officer services (oDPO) or support in-house management through the virtual data protection service offering (vDPO). As part of this, we will assist or carry out the core functions of the DPO, depending on the needs of the clients.

    Gemserv also offers the flexibility for our Data Protection Officers to be registered in Ireland or in the UK, to safeguard against the effects of Brexit.

Benefits Of Our Services

The oDPO and vDPO services bring the following core benefits to clients:
  • Level of Expertise – we offer our fully CIPP/E, CIPM and ISO 27001-qualified Data Protection, Information Security and Cyber Risk consultants to attend and provide any guidance to our clients, giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest – having fully outsourced professionals helps avoid an organisational conflict of interest, between data protection responsibilities and other tasks, that the GDPR has highlighted as a significant problem.
  • Autonomy and Independence – whilst acting on behalf of our clients, we provide independent, dedicated and fully-focused guidance and decision-making, using our own resources, as endorsed by the Article 29 Working Party.

Data Breach – The Next 72 Hours…..

Below is an infographic that details the process once a data breach has occurred.




Our Capabilities

  • Clean Transport

    We are an expert provider of professional services enabling the Clean Transport revolution for all market actors.

  • Consultancy

    Our expert consultancy services help businesses make the right decisions and gain competitive advantage.

  • Capabilities_Cyber-Security_600-350

    Cyber Security

    Proactive approach to protection.

  • Data, Analytics & AI

    Data is at the heart of an organisation’s digital transformation. We can help you overcome challenges to deliver the right data to support your business.

  • Data Protection, Security & Risk

    We are an expert provider of professional services enabling the data revolution. We help businesses gain a competitive advantage through building trust with their consumers in handling data.

  • Digital Transformation

    We are an expert provider of professional services supporting organisations meet the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

  • Regulatory

    Our services help establish and maintain innovative market arrangements to enable change and ensure everyone can compete on a level playing field.

  • Project & Programme Management

    We provide professional services enabling the transformation of industries. Using our insight we work collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure complex markets work for everyone ...

  • Procurement & Commercial

    We provide strategic procurement and supply chain management services and will work with you to deliver value throughout your procurement and contract management activities.

  • Scheme Management

    We design, develop and manage assurance schemes for some of the most significant industry initiatives including smart metering and retail market entry.

  • Strategy

    We support organisations with their strategy formulation and implementation, helping them achieve their vision.

  • Testing & Assurance

    Our professional services help organisations develop robust processes to meet regulatory and best practice standards. We also help clients prepare for key changes to existing mar ...