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How can you be user-centred with your Organisation's Data Protection Systems?

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How can you be user-centred with your Organisation’s Data Protection Systems?

Date of event 1 February 2022

Time 11:00 - 12:00

Location Online

What is user-centered data protection and when does it matter most?

Join our experts at this Executive Leaders Network hosted webinar, to discuss what data protection means beyond GDPR, considering the impact of the new National Data Strategy. We will cover case studies where user-centred data decisions has been impactful and how this matters to vulnerable citizens in particular. There will be an opportunity to put any questions you have around this topic to our speakers.

Three Take-aways you can expect to take from this webinar:
  • What is user-centred data protection?
  • Examples of how it’s done well
  • When does it matter most? (Discussion around vulnerable citizens and New Data Strategy)


Register on the Executive Leaders Network website via the link below:


Philippa Harvey

COP26 Control Tower Director (DD) at Cabinet Office

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Camilla Winlo

Head of Data Privacy

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Bev Adams-Reynolds

Data Protection Officer at Crisis

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