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How to decarbonise your rural business

Date of event 21 July 2021

Time 10:00 - 11:00

Location Online

This July Liquid Gas UK are running a webinar on “How to decarbonise your rural business”

Currently, there is a huge emphasis on electrification, however many of these businesses will be harder to electrify, due to the nature of the building and/or its energy demand.

As we work towards a Net Zero future, Liquid Gas UK would like to open up the conversation and talk about alternatives. If heat pumps or electrification aren’t suitable, then what are the options?

LPG, bioLPG and hybrids are some of them.

Our Low Carbon Partner, James Higgins is confirmed as one of the speakers for this event.


How to Register

If you would like to hear a panel of energy experts talk about decarbonisation for rural business and how it might affect you, then please click visit Liquid Gas UK via the link below.


James Higgins

Low Carbon Partner

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