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International Women’s Day Webinar: Why diversity is key to delivering a successful net zero

Date of event 8 March 2021

Time 11:00 - 12:00

Location Online


Did you know that only 5% of executive board seats within the UK’s top energy companies are held by women? How about the fact that 61% of these businesses have no women on their board whatsoever?

This year on International Women’s Day our Director of Energy Miriam Atkin, along with Rubina Singh from Centrica, joined Jonny Bairstow, future Net Zero’s (FNZ) Editor, on a webinar to discuss why much-needed diversity is still so often found to be lacking in 2021.

This webinar explored why women continue to be so poorly represented across the top level of the sector and discussed why this could spell danger for the UK’s mission to drive down emissions and tackle climate change. All parts of society must be represented in equal measure if we are to unlock the innovation and range of perspectives required to successfully deliver net zero by 2050.

Miriam Atkin, “I think there are a number of layers that could address the lack of diversity with the workplace…
Parental layer: How we treat our children and what we encourage them to do.
Educational perspective: Parents and schools need to dispel myths about subjects being more suited to specific genders.
Workplace: Employers need to recruit fairly and unbiased.”

Missed the webinar?

If you missed the webinar you can catch up on demand by visiting future Net Zero’s website:


Miriam Atkin

Director of Energy

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