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WEETF: Next steps for retail energy markets in the UK

Date of event 15 July 2021

Time 08:30 - 13:00

Location Online

Next steps for retail energy markets in the UK – sector modernisation, decarbonisation, regulation, and delivering value and new services for customers

This online event will examine the future of energy retail markets, the agenda will cover:
  • Retail energy markets in the UK and policy priorities for increasing competition, quality consumer services, and market-wide innovation
  • Energy White Paper implementation and affordability, resilience, and sustainability in the retail energy market
  • Ensuring electricity networks are fit for a changing market and net-zero ambitions – decarbonisation, whole-system change, and flexibility
  • Priorities and practicalities for reforming energy code systems and governance
  • Optimising the energy system for innovative and disruptive technology – smart energy platforms, connecting clean and distributed assets, and readying the grid for household non-generation technologies
  • Modernising regulation for UK energy markets that support emissions targets and consumer priorities

Gemserv’s Executive Director, Jonathan Harley will be presenting at this online event. Jon will take the keynote slot covering “Priorities and practicalities for reforming energy code systems and governance”.

How to Register

If you would like to find out more or register for this event, please visit the Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum (WEETF) website: