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Ransomware – the next generation of cyber threats explained

Date of event 10 November 2021

Time 14:00 - 15:30

Location Online


Gemserv in conjunction with Executive Leaders Network (ELN) are hosting an insightful roundtable to discuss “ransomware – the next generation of cyber threats explained”.

Ransomware attacks are costing the global economy £6trn annually. We’ve seen an evolution in ransomware tactics, especially where organisational vulnerabilities have been highlighted during the pandemic. The malicious groups sending these threats have broadened their capability to extort ransoms from their victims, by not only restricting access to data (via encryption or locking users out of the filesystem), but also exfiltrating the data and then threatening to release it. In addition, the cyber criminals are increasingly threatening to auction off the stolen data to other criminal groups, forcing the hand of the victims. This can have significant implications for your organisation’s operations and reputation.

In order to mitigate the likelihood and impact of a ransomware attack, it is essential that you have effective security procedures in place; combination of people-centric, process and technical controls. It is the combination of these three control areas that ensure a robust defence and resilience against ransomware attacks.

Award winning CISO, Andy Green and vCISO, Marc Avery will deep dive into the tools and solutions that you need to combat these threats. They will share lessons learned from recent ransomware attacks and provides you with insights on how to solve the privacy and security challenges that organisations face today.

This is a roundtable you won’t want to miss.


Andy Green, CISO at Gemserv

Recently recognised as ‘Cloud Security Influencer of the Year’ by the 2020 Cyber Security Awards, Andy has worked for the past two decades solving the cyber security challenges of many of the UK’s leading organisations. He advises senior stakeholders at public and private sector organisations on effective strategies to reduce the risk and impact of cyber-related incidents. Andy was a lead technical advisor for the RESILIA Cyber Resilience Best Practice, which forms part of the ITIL family. Andy is a member of Chatham House, and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

Marc Avery, Co-Founder & vCISO at Redbox Partners

Co-Founder of Redbox Partners and former CISO of the Data Communications Company, Marc has assisted a number of organisations through ransomware breaches and recovery programmes. He was an Executive Committee member with accountability to the Board, BEIS, Ofgem, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and customers for cyber security, privacy and business resilience. Marc has established high performing cyber security functions and security management systems from first-principles and provided security assurance for some of the most critical and sensitive systems within the UK.

Gemserv is ‘The Times 2021 Leading Management Consultancy’ and will provide you with key takeaways and actionable strategies to help you mitigate risk to your data and your organisation.


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Who should attend?

  • IT Managers
  • Managing Directors
  • Operations Leaders
  • Cyber Security Leaders
  • Privacy Leaders
  • Finance Leaders
  • Compliance Leaders


Andy Green

Chief Information Security Officer

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