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Each for Equal – International Women’s Day 2020

2nd Mar, 2020

Each for Equal, that’s this year’s theme for International Women’s Day. So, what does Each for Equal mean for us? – Alex Goody, CEO

Gemserv is passionate about making a difference in a world driven by data and technology, harnessing our collective efforts to tackle today’s social and environmental challenges. Each for Equal means achieving an enabled world in every aspect from politics, to business, family and community. At Gemserv, it starts with finding the right person for the job, based on skills and capabilities. It includes ensuring the person has the right tools and the opportunities for training and promotion within the organisation. It means cultivating talent – attracting, retaining and nurturing our staff so they can reach their full potential. It is being committed to ensuring everyone has equal access and can participate effectively.

Where life today needs something different than the 9am to 5pm working schedule, equality means flexibility to work anywhere, at any time, to achieve personal and collective goals.

In considering International Women’s Day, I spoke with family members about the gender discrimination they and their ancestors had faced. Stories included great-grandmothers publicly protesting that husbands were allowed into polling booths with them to ensure they voted the same way, to more recent examples in business life where careers could have been even more successful if Each really was Equal.

At Gemserv we aren’t perfect, we have a gender pay discrepancy that is too high. But we have a plan to tackle this and are active in tackling bias in our organisation to ensure that Each is Equal. Gemserv will be celebrating International Women’s Day by publishing some thoughts over the coming days on equality from the women who work here.