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Introducing Gemserv’s Energy Solutions Services – Secretariat

22nd Mar, 2021

Welcome to the second of our three-part blog series celebrating the diverse range of services Gemserv provides through its Energy Solutions team for a multitude of contracts including trade associations, Government schemes and expert groups.

Here, we will highlight the skills, knowledge and experience we employ to successfully support our clients to achieve their purpose.

Blog 2: Secretariat

Gemserv’s Energy Solutions team has provided Secretariat services for many clients since their inception. We cover all aspects of the Secretariat role including:

  • Organising meetings
  • Host or sourcing venues
  • Issuing communications
  • Managing meeting data, information and documentation

“The Association of Meter Operators (AMO) is the trade organisation for meter operators within the gas and electricity markets within Great Britain. Since its inception in 1996, it has and continues to use Gemserv to provide professional end to end managed secretariat services from meeting organisation and facilitation to website and document curation. Throughout this relationship, Gemserv have consistently delivered a high level of service whilst maintaining a tailored approach.”

Chair of the Association of Meter Operators (AMO), March 2021

Gemserv hosts over 20 meetings per year for the Association of Meter Operators (AMO), on-site and virtually, including both Committee and technical forums as well as the General Meetings of the Association. We notify members of meeting schedules, administer supporting documentation, and oversee actions. We also work closely with each forum Chair and technical consultant to ensure meetings initiate valuable discussion of technical, operational and regulatory matters.

The Energy Solutions team maintains and leads website development for its clients. For the AMO, this involves an informative messaging platform to frequently update members. Additionally, we circulate all required communications (contract, meeting and industry-related). For the UK Revenue Protection Association (UKRPA), this includes the publication of engaging quarterly newsletters.

As part of its Secretariat role, the Energy Solutions team provides telephone and email helpdesks for its clients, to receive and process queries from members and wider parties. Additionally, we run a secure, anonymous fraud reporting service on behalf of the UKRPA to enable members of the public to submit reports of potential energy theft. This helpline has handled over 18,000 reports from the public.

Gemserv enacts the role of Intelligent Secretariat, providing recommendations for activities for our clients to progress. We utilise our extensive Secretariat experience to help our clients operate effectively and embrace innovative ways of working.

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