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Featured: Five things we learned at the EV World Congress 2020

6th Nov, 2020

On Wednesday 4th November, Trevor Hutchings, Director of Strategy at Gemserv, spoke on a panel at the EV World Congress 2020

We’ve collated some of the key points discussed over the three day event, which include a number of insights from Trevor Hutchings.

Article Extract

Government or industry: Who should be leading the way?

A number of announcements have been made by the UK government on EVs as of late, from the consultation on bringing the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars forward to the Rapid Charging Fund.

Trevor Hutchings, director of strategy and communications at Gemserv, said that there has been some “really good policy development”, citing incentives on carbon tax, road tax as well as the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund.

However, he said that the market “still doesn’t have sufficient intervention to drive it at the pace required”. He suggested that interoperability and data – in particular who owns data surrounding EV charging – are areas that haven’t seen enough intervention yet.

To read the full article on Current’s website, please click the link below:


Trevor Hutchings

Director of Strategy, Communications and Public Sector

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