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Findings of the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce (EVET) adopted into Paladin

4th Sep, 2020

Paladin powered by Gemserv is working with a wide range of organisations to drive coordinated, evidence-based change that will deliver government targets in a commercially viable and sustainable way; a pre-requisite for creating a prosperous and desirable future for everyone.

In line with Gemserv’s mission to accelerate the uptake of Electric Vehicles (EVs), we have been supporting the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce (EVET) to make some headway in aiding this transition to cleaner transport.

The objective of the Taskforce is to get EV users engaged with the heart of preparing the electricity system for the mass take up of EVs. It aims to ensure that costs and emissions are as low as possible, and opportunities for vehicles to provide grid services are capitalised upon for the benefit of the system, energy bill payers and EV owners. 

Driven by the requirement to tackle climate change, the transformation in mobility and energy production creates great opportunities for innovators, holding out the prospect of significant UK exports and growth as well as greater security of energy supply. 

The Taskforce, chaired by Energy Systems Catapult, brings together the energy and automotive industries to plan for the changes that will take place as a result of rising EV use. 

Strategy focuses on sustainable infrastructure development that will avoid asset stranding. 

The latest report for the UK “Energising Our Electric Vehicle Transition – EV Energy Taskforce Report” was launched 14 January 2020, include specific considerations for local government and particular, attention has been paid to international developments and providing oversight of existing research in the area.  

In line with our aim to empower industry and innovators to take the lead to deliver robust market governance, all the findings of the Taskforce have been adopted into Paladin within the wider EV market context.

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Joachim Brandt

Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

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