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Freedom Day – A new discomfort zone

15th Jul, 2021

Many of us will have to adjust to a new normal

This pandemic is not over, but “Freedom day” is less than one week away following Boris Johnson’s announcement earlier this week.

It is the day millions of people across the country have been waiting for, but many are still are nervous about and perhaps with good reason? With emphasis made on being cautious, and exercising personal responsibility for our own mental and physical health and that of the public; we are about to step into the new and unknown phase of the pandemic.

Our Senior Health Care Consultant, Fereshta Qayumi takes us through the wider impact the pandemic has had on our mental health, how we can adjust to a new normal and recommendations on how to strengthen the public’s trust in both the data and the people that use our data.

In our free paper, you will learn:

  • The mental and physical health conditions borne from the pandemic.
  • What the public’s “responsibility” could look like when regulations are relaxed on 19 July 2021.
  • Recommendations on how to build public trust.
  • How to make the shift towards creating more meaningful data.
  • Next steps: psychological and data-driven lens.

Download your free copy instantly by clicking on the link below.

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How to implement digital transformation projects as a clinical change programme and not an IT project

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The delay in rolling out NHS GPDPR creates the opportunity to put public confidence before process and technology

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Senior Health Care Consultant

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