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future Net Zero’s Report on Business Attitudes towards Net Zero post Covid-19

20th Aug, 2020

In this report our partners future Net Zero ask the government to listen to the voice of real businesses and organisations up and down the country and look at the questions that were asked and the challenges that are coming up for organisations grappling with the net zero target.

The report has been sent to both Secretary of State Alok Sharma and Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng.

Alex Goody, CEO at Gemserv said “The challenges posed by the climate and environmental emergency are huge. Governments, businesses and other organisations – and indeed individuals – must ensure we operate within the environmental limits of our precious world. Technological advances mean markets can operate more efficiently and effectively. Advances in areas such as smart metering and IoT are starting to change the way we live and work. Gemserv is proud to be working with clients on the frontline of many of the most exciting developments in the transition to net zero.”

You can download and read the full report here: