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GemTALK Webinar: Dealing with the Unusual and Beyond [Post Event Content]

22nd May, 2020

“Dealing with the Unusual and Beyond: How to cope with threats arising from COVID-19 – Post Event”

In this webinar we heard our experts discuss how the anticipated rhythm from the current crisis will influence Security threats and Digital Transformation beyond Covid-19.

  • Ian Carr, from our Health division presented the journey to the “new normal” and what we can assume about tomorrow.
  • Andy Green, from our Cyber division spoke about changes to working practices and how cyber threats have evolved.
  • Daryl Flack, an Independent Consultant (BLOCKPHISH) ended the webinar with how organisations can mitigate risks of potential threats.

You can view the webinar the video below. Further down the page you will also find some links to useful resources.


Useful Resources


Ian Carr

Business Development - Health

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Andy Green

Chief Information Security Officer

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