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How to implement digital transformation projects as a clinical change programme and not an IT project

23rd Jun, 2021

Shifting people, mindsets and culture

It is evident that the health and social care sector is undergoing transformation. In fact – when an increasing demand in health care from an ageing population and other demographic changes is battling with a reduction of supply both in resources and physical facilities – there is little choice but to transform.

Our Senior Health Care Consultant, Fereshta Qayumi takes us through the challenges facing the health and social care sector and how to implement real change, digital transformation processes and shift culture for the long term.

In this paper you will learn:

  • Why digital change is needed in the health care sector and why it has been a struggle to implement.
  • How digital transformation is different in health care from other sectors.
  • Reasons why previous attempts have failed.
  • Actionable steps in how to shift mindsets to adopt change.

Download your free copy instantly by clicking on the link below.


Fereshta Qayumi

Senior Health Care Consultant

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