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Introducing Gemserv’s Energy Solutions Services – Consultancy and Project Delivery

6th Apr, 2021

Welcome to the final of our three-part blog series celebrating the diverse range of services Gemserv provides through its Energy Solutions team for a multitude of contracts including trade associations, Government schemes and expert groups.

Here, we will highlight the skills, knowledge and experience we employ to successfully support our clients to achieve their purpose.

Blog 3: Consultancy and Project Delivery

To complement the governance and secretariat functions Gemserv’s Energy Solutions team delivers (highlighted in our recent blogs), we provide additional services including:

  • Event organisation
  • Consultancy
  • Access to specialist expertise
  • Wide-ranging project work

Organising conferences, training and other events

We have extensive experience in delivering major events for our clients.

The Energy Solutions team has managed 15 highly successful National Conferences for the UK Revenue Protection Association (UKRPA), featuring high profile speakers from a range of UK and worldwide organisations.

In addition to these National Conferences, we offer training services and have facilitated the delivery of training seminars for the UKRPA since 2013. This has included a successful four-part programme in 2019-20 addressing topics from vulnerability to legislation and compliance.

We also regularly host best practice workshops, both in person and remotely, helping members to collaborate and share knowledge to draw out best practice and improve industry standards.

Consultancy and Specialist expertise

From energy metering and Electric Vehicles to GDPR and Cyber Security, Gemserv provides access to specialist and technical expertise for its clients. We employ our widespread knowledge and industry networks to deliver expert advisory services and projects.

This consultancy extends to the provision of specialist processes. In administering the Prepayment Metering Forum (PPMF) – an expert group for the discussion of matters relating to electricity prepayment meters – the Energy Solutions team manages the process to set Forum Tariffs on behalf of members, ensuring they comply with the Ofgem prepayment Price Cap. We also manage a register of Prepayment Meter Key Supplier IDs.

Wide-ranging project work

Gemserv’s Energy Solutions team delivers a variety of project work for its clients. For example, for the UKRPA, we have led data analysis exercises predicting the value of energy theft in the UK to highlight the importance of our members’ efforts to increase safety standards. As part of this work and separately collaborating with members and wider stakeholders (both within and outside of the industry), we have created:

  • Publications;
  • Articles;
  • Infographics; and
  • Bulletins.

These documents range from providing operational industry guidance to articles raising awareness of key themes. For example, informing landlords about energy theft, advising meter operatives on meter tampering, and highlighting measures to protect mental health.

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If you are interested in benefiting from our skills and experience, to find out how we can help, please complete the Contact Us form. Alternatively you can email Kunal Sharma, our Energy Solutions Senior Client Manager.

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