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Severn Trent Water Case Study

6th Aug, 2015

Client: Severn Trent Water

Title: Essential Competition Compliance Assurance

Our Service: Audit & Assurance


“Severn Trent PLC engaged Gemserv in 2012 to provide Water Supply Licensing (WSL) compliance and assurance services, process design and training. Gemserv helped to map the process and procedures to ensure compliance to facilitate switching processes in the competitive business market and provided cross-departmental training on the legal and regulatory framework and awareness of the Customer Transfer Protocol. Gemserv delivered the project outcomes on time and to budget and provided some useful expert advice. I would be happy to recommend their services to other water companies seeking third party support and audit/assurance services.”

David Essex, Water Strategy Manager, Severn Trent Water

The challenge

Following Ofwat’s changes to the consumption threshold to enable more business customers to switch water provider, Severn Trent Water –  which serves 7.7 million customers – had placed competition compliance on its corporate risk register. Gemserv was tasked with carrying out a licensing compliance assurance project to facilitate customer switching using the Water Supply Licence (WSL) framework. Successful completion reduced exposure to financial and reputational risks from non-compliance.

Our approach

Gap analysis and detailed risk assessment led to design of  business processes to ensure teams comply with the competitive regulatory requirements
End-to-end business process mapping and re-engineering. All process maps, work instructions and hand-offs to the relevant teams delivered in a comprehensive, web-based product to assist in ensuring compliance.

Development of bespoke training sessions for key teams processing different applications under the Water Supply Licensee regime to ensure overall compliance.


The project was originally based on the expectation that most existing processes could be adapted and that any training required would be around awareness raising. However, following analysis of outstanding risks, the need for the development of end-to-end business process mapping and detailed training sessions for key operational teams was highlighted and implemented.