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The Cyber Hacks Podcast

8th Feb, 2021

The Cyber Hacks

How secure is your business from a potential cyber attack?

In this exciting new podcast series, our experts investigate emerging cyber threats and new capabilities which are pushing the boundaries of our understanding in the world of cyber security.

We will regularly be joined by recognised experts, authors and thought leaders as we explore the cyber security challenges of tomorrow and how we approach them today.

Join our Cyber Security Business Partner EMEA, Adam Harrison and Principal Data Protection Consultant Natasha Singh as they launch The Cyber Hacks Podcast in March 2021. To register your interest, please click the button below and tick ‘podcasts’ in the form.

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Episode 1

We are delighted to welcome special guest Nina Schick to the first episode of The Cyber Hacks podcast.

Nina is a distinguished researcher, author and broadcaster with a specialism in deep fakes and disinformation. Nina has advised groups of global leaders including Joe Biden, the President of the United States, and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Secretary General of NATO, on deep fakes.

‘The Problem With Truth’ will highlight the way in which AI is being deliberately manipulated in a cynical attempt to change the collective perception of the truth of actual events and our understanding of them.

It will discuss the malicious efforts of the highly motivated, capable bad actors that are attempting to further erode public confidence in our government, democratic institutions and public figures. It will raise key questions such as how this is being driven, by whom and for what malicious objective. We will discuss controversial topics such as disinformation and conspiracy groups including their role in recent US events.

Key topics will include, what response and leadership in this area can we expect from western democracies and how do we protect ‘Truth’ in the age of synthetic media.


Adam Harrison

Cyber Security Business Partner EMEA

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Natasha Singh

Principal Consultant – Privacy & Data Protection

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