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Zero Trust: The Evolution of Network Security

23rd Mar, 2021

Network architecture is changing.

There is a steep rise in the adoption of cloud technologies, remote user access, multiple devices connecting to a network and many more advancements.

No protective defence tool or approach can 100% guarantee protection. Our Senior Cyber Security Cloud Assurance Consultant, Temi Ogunkanmi takes us through the latest in the evolution of network security and what you need to know.

Download the paper now to learn:

  • The Zero Trust approach and the foundations of Zero Trust architecture design.
  • How you can protect yourself and your organisation from malicious actors who are enjoying unhindered lateral movement in networks.
  • How to prevent security breaches and limit their impact.
  • Practical tools for you to implement.


Temi Ogunkanmi

Senior Cyber Security Cloud Assurance Consultant

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