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Addressing the vulnerable. How different sectors can turn crisis into opportunity.

How to turn crisis into opportunity

In this series we look at the vulnerable and explore what this means for key sectors of the economy, including the public sector, data privacy, health and wellbeing, digital transformation and energy. Our leading experts explore the challenges and opportunities that vulnerability presents, and how it affects different sectors and suppliers.

Vulnerability is complex and diverse. Even the simplest technologies and smartest solutions that many of us would see as straight forward, are the complete opposite for others. In some circumstances, customers who are vulnerable do not know they are vulnerable, which makes it even more difficult for businesses to identify them.

What does it mean for you and your business?

Customer behaviour is changing as well as our collective interest in finding solutions to support the vulnerable.

In the energy sector, there are different types of customer vulnerability including self-disconnecting, self-rationing, customer segmentation and financial vulnerability.

In the public sector, digital inclusion can be seen as a social responsibility and business opportunity. If digital inclusion isn’t built into organisational change programmes, businesses can make services significantly worse for some users, whilst missing out on opportunities and financial gains.

It is a complex and evolving topic that affects each of the sectors we work in at Gemserv.

Have you considered the following?

  • With an aging population, have you considered the challenges and opportunities vulnerable customers could bring for you and your business?
  • Is your business prepared for new policies and regulations that are likely to be introduced to support those that are vulnerable?
  • There has been a shift in consumer and business behaviour geared at assisting those that are classed as vulnerable with demand for smarter services.
  • To ensure your business remains competitive, you will need to innovate and adapt to support vulnerable customers.
  • Resourcing challenges will surface as businesses try to attract and retain dynamic and diverse talent who have a deep understanding of the complex issues around vulnerability.

Key themes

  • Customer Vulnerability
  • Self-Disconnecting
  • Self-Rationing
  • Faster Switching
  • Data, Analytics & AI
  • Digital Inclusion

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Head of Energy Consulting
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Senior Health Care Consultant
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Head of Data Privacy
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