Vaccines are made mandatory for healthcare workers, but data privacy must be prioritised

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It’s 8am and IT is in for a tough day…

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How can you be user-centred with your Organisation's Data Protection Systems?

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Who We Are

We are an expert provider of professional services, helping clients make the most of a world increasingly driven by data and technology.

Our Purpose

Making things that matter work better for everyone.

With our clients we:

  • Tackle social and environmental challenges.

  • Improve and simplify the way markets work.

  • Harness the power of digital transformation.

  • Ensure data is protected and used ethically.

Our Strategy

Gemserv is constantly looking ahead to ensure we continue to deliver exceptional service in a rapidly changing world. Our business is evolving, but we remain clear about where we want to be and how we want to get there:

  • Accelerate Growth

    Investing in our existing services, developing new capabilities and driving profitable growth in new markets.

  • Build Relationships

    Being a trusted, and strategic partner to our clients, delivering exceptional service and influencing our markets.

  • Cultivating Talent

    Attracting, retaining and nurturing our staff so they can reach their full potential.

  • Digital First

    Using the power of data and technology to deliver better outcomes for clients, industry and consumers.