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Heat Pumps

We are internationally recognised for our expertise in the Heat Pump sector, advising industry and policymakers whilst supporting market growth for all forms of heat pump.

The Government aims to install 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028. With the UK currently managing just over 60,000 annual heat pumps sales,1 extreme growth is required to realise this target, and decarbonise how we heat our homes and buildings. Gemserv is working with industry and government to facilitate the roll out of heat pump technology at scale.

Heat pumps are a proven and cost-effective method of providing efficient, low carbon heat and will be the predominant technology for decarbonising space and hot water heating within buildings. The Government is prioritising the technology on the route to Net Zero and aims to stimulate growth through a series of supply-side, demand and regulatory policy levers to accelerate deployment across the UK.

Gemserv is working with the Government, energy companies, manufacturers and trade associations as well as wider heat pump industry stakeholders to prepare the heat pump market for the energy transition. This includes assisting our clients with navigating the complex heat pump regulatory and policy landscape, providing insightful and informative research, economic analysis and stakeholder engagement.

Our broad expertise across the sector, deep rooted industry connections, and outstanding heat pump market insights ensures our clients are provided with strong voice within the heat pump industry. We work with clients to design, shape and deliver a supportive policy landscape to positively transforming the heat pump sector to meet the UK’s decarbonisation targets.

¹ Heat Pump Association – Statistics 2023

Our Service Offerings

Policy and Economic Analysis

Gemserv has in-depth understanding and expertise of the heat pump policy landscape and can leverage this for impactful and insightful heat pump policy analysis and market insights for public and private sector stakeholders.

Our skilled economics team can also develop key economic analysis that will pave the way for an effective heat pump strategy and accelerate deployment in order to reach installation targets. Utilising our analysis, our team can propose innovative, implementable and practical solutions to address market failures or policy gaps.

Stakeholder Engagement

Gemserv has extensive expertise engaging relevant stakeholders in policy debates and conversations, identifying and mapping relevant stakeholders before developing constructive relationships that operate to advance the case for heat pumps.

Our experts also have strong industry relationships that can help leverage policy and industry support, as well as ensuring companies and other stakeholders have their voice heard within the industry. We have experience running roundtables and workshops to build consensus and support the policy development process.

Clients can benefit from our expertise in this field, utilising available relationships to enhance and inform analysis before forming tailored recommendations and strategic plans.

Deep Industry and Government Connectivity

Our team have deep rooted connections within the heat pump industry, with direct access to government, trade association and private sector stakeholders.

We have developed close relationships with key trade bodies including the Heat Pump Association, Association for Decentralised Energy and Sustainable Energy Association as well as industry initiatives and campaign organisations, and regularly engage with policy makers to ensure our clients voices are heard and able to contribute to the debate.

We have a proven track record of working with heat pump manufacturers, local authorities, government and energy suppliers, promoting the benefits of heat pump technology and working to curate the future of sustainable domestic heating.

Communications and Marketing Support

Our dedicated communications and marketing department have immense experience working with leaders in the heat pump market and key industry players.

By advising on campaign and thought leadership strategies, our team ensures our clients are a trusted, reliable and insightful voice in the heat pump industry and known across their target audiences.

Our communications team provides public relations and marketing support that is built upon our deep policy and industry knowledge, providing high-quality, bespoke outputs which are relevant to the industry and technically sound.

The team has previously curated and implemented effective social media strategies for leading heat pump manufacturers and trade associations, elevating their position within the industry.

Market Insights

Our outstanding heating market insights are a result of over a decade of experience in the field, ensuring our clients are provided with a strong voice within the industry. We use this unique insight to assist clients with navigating complex heating regulatory framework and policy landscape, all the while providing strategic advice and insight on the direction of the sector.

We have produced market research for major heat pump trade associations and governmental departments to inform boiler efficiency standards. This has included member surveys on behalf of the Heat Pump Association to construct evidence supporting policy proposals directly from heat pump installers.

Heat Pump Association

Our past success stories include working closely with the Heat Pump Association to increase the trade association’s influence across government policy and industry, helping to shape the market and ensure heat pumps are accessible to all. Alongside policy expertise, our talented and experienced communications team raised the organisation’s profile across social media, whilst developing strategic partnerships with key media organisations and stakeholders. 



    Advice and Secretariat Support to Leading Trade Associations



    Public Affairs, Policy Lobbying and Advocacy Strategies
    Low Carbon Heating Deployment Roadmaps
    Modelling, Analysis and Technical Support  


    Policy Assessments
    Scheme and Programme Management 
    Building and Heat Regulation and Scheme Design 
    Integrated Communications

Meet the Team

Dave Sowden

Low Carbon Partner
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Will Hargreaves

Policy Consultant - Low Carbon
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Samantha Shea

Head of Policy Insights and Engagement
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Christina Thompson-Yates

Policy Communications Manager
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Michael Williams

Content Developer
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Sacha Smith

Marketing Executive
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