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Energy Services

As Net Zero and other market initiatives drive immense change within the energy sector, our experts ensure those ambitions are realised through smart design and management of complex market arrangements.

Solution & Design

Our in-depth understanding of emerging technology, data management and market arrangements support clients to design and deliver compliant and secure solutions within the myriad of market rules. We work with Governments, Regulators, Industry Bodies and Energy Companies throughout the UK and Ireland to design and manage market arrangements so that they remain fit for purpose and supportive of policy goals.

    Scheme & Market Arrangements

    Gemserv is experienced in the design, implementation and management of new schemes and market arrangements. We drive collaboration and results through our governance framework design process, ensuring mechanisms facilitate fair and meaningful stakeholder engagement.

    Governance Framework | Commercial Market Arrangements | Scheme & Market Design

    Digital Solutions

    We design digital governance solutions to help manage the complex governance landscape. Our solutions offer practical tools and techniques to better support market engagement and understanding.

    Analytics | Bespoke Scheme & Code Management Technology | Digital Policy Management

    Regulatory Change Management

    Government bodies and Energy organisations are having to reconsider business processes in light of accelerated regulatory changes. Gemserv experts span across multiple business functions including Regulatory, Cyber Security & Data Protection and combine knowledge of the Energy sector with specialisms that guide our clients. Our Experts are passionate about the idea that business and consumer interests don’t have to be mutually exclusive and we offer insight into how the consumer interests can considered throughout the design and change processes.

    Risk Model Framework | Change Strategy, Design & Implementation | Industry Documentation

    SMART & Emerging Technology

    Gemserv technical experts provide support to Energy clients with their technology programmes, providing advice in Market Arrangements, technical assurance and implementation planning.

    SMART & Internet of Things (IoT) Experts | SMART Market Arrangements | Business Implementation & Change

Collaboration & Management

Gemserv believes that success is achievable and sustainable when we all work together, contribute our ideas and collaborate. From wind turbines to home energy systems, energy solutions have a multitude of different stakeholders. Enabled by our deep energy insight, we facilitate value creation across the supply chain, supporting engagement in structured, transparent and open ways. We make the market rules work better for everyone.

    Market & Service Management

    We implement and run the operational functions needed to facilitate energy initiatives. Our team of Energy executives and administrators provide the knowledgeable resource and capacity needed for our clients to move quickly with optimal impact.

    Governance | Scheme & Code Management | Outsourced Business Operations


    Gemserv offers Secretariat services to support stakeholders through change governance.  We use our experience in Energy to embrace innovative ways of working, communicating with stakeholders in ways that ensure transparent and informed engagement.

    Minute Taking | Meeting & Event Management | Member Relations

    Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

    Gemserv has a broad range of SMEs that have a combination of education, training & experience in rolling out Energy solutions ranging from SMART technology through to security and regulatory. We use our direct and relevant expertise to guide and solve problems.

    Provision of Subject Matter Experts | Independent Chair

    Stakeholder Collaboration & Engagement

    Gemserv creates and maintains positive relationships with stakeholders using appropriate management controls relevant to their expectations. Our experienced management teams ensure they achieve stakeholder collaboration by using proven methods that drive engagement.

    Stakeholder Mapping | Communication & Engagement Plans | Information & Marketing Production

    Contract Management

    We work with Energy stakeholders to draft commercial arrangements that enable engagement with Energy initiatives.  Our Contract Management teams are experts in Industry change, ensuring that where relevant the stakeholders’ consultation process is robust and designed for optimal engagement.

    Cross Industry Stakeholder Engagement | Commercial Drafting | Contract Management

Assurance & Insight

New technology and operational activity is expanding risk and compliance challenges. Our team helps assure and understand performance, and we support our clients as they build confidence operating within these multifaceted arrangements. Gemserv further uses our deep technical, regulatory and industry knowledge to provide insight on market activities and behaviours, offering guidance that cuts through the distractions and provides actionable intelligence to support strategy and policy development.

    Audit & Assurance

    As pressure grows on regulatory teams to manage increased obligations, our specialists can support or provide outsourced assurance activities; all with expert knowledge of the Energy Sector. Our energy services offer end-to-end solutions to reduce and manage compliance and risk portfolios.

    Regulatory & Licence Compliance | Data Protection | Cyber & Security Assurance

    Performance Assurance

    Gemserv helps organisations capture information and use it proactively to optimise their performance against Market initiatives

    Performance Reporting | Data Analysis | Operational Assessment

    Market Integrity

    Our experts support organisations as they scale for growth and change, protecting the interests of all market participants, including Consumers. We monitor news and updates from the energy industry to identify business and consumer impacts; supporting the understanding of market activities and behaviours, offering intelligence and guidance on processes and policies that keep the consumer at it’s heart.

    Consumer Advocacy | Market Research & Analysis | Policy Design