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Data illustration | Gemserv CapabilitiesData illustration | Gemserv Capabilities

Data Protection

We are an expert provider of privacy and data protection advice and support to data-driven businesses. From day-to-day guidance to leading edge insights, we’ve got you covered.

Advancing privacy, enhancing trust

Experience growth through our expert privacy services. Focussed on possibilities, not limitations, we provide pragmatic support for your operational goals to drive trust and confidence in your products and services. Our team’s global skills and experience, combined with technical expertise drawn from across the Talan group, scale with your organisation.

Our Expertise

Our team boasts a diverse range of expertise and experience, ensuring we can match you with the right consultants. We hold a wide array of relevant qualifications, continually maintained and enhanced, including:

  • CIPP/E (Europe's premier privacy qualification)
  • CIPP/US (the American counterpart)
  • CIPM (privacy management systems)
  • CIPT (privacy technology)
  • Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO)
  • GDPR Practitioner
  • Freedom of Information Practitioner

Additionally, several of our consultants possess LLB and LLM legal qualifications. Our experts have industry backgrounds in health, financial services, energy, and low carbon, as well as extensive experience providing privacy support across sectors such as the public sector, tech, and construction.

We actively contribute to the data protection dialogue through our roles on the Data and Marketing Association’s Governance Committee and AI Taskforce, the TechUK Digital Regulation Forum, and the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ Publications Advisory Board, alongside participation in industry-specific networks.

Our data privacy solutions include:

Privacy programme assurance including Accountability Framework and DSP Toolkit

Test the maturity of your privacy practices and receive prioritised recommendations for the next best actions.

This service is especially valuable for: Data Protection Officers (DPOs) aiming to showcase their impact, organisations seeking a comprehensive assessment to guide budget setting and annual planning and businesses needing to demonstrate their data protection posture.

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Privacy framework design, implementation and assurance

Create a customised privacy framework tailored to your organisation’s needs.

We can collaborate with you to develop and implement a new, coordinated, and integrated privacy framework or ensure your existing framework continues to meet your requirements. Additionally, we can help you enhance your privacy framework to comply with the updated ISO 29001:2024 standard. This service is particularly beneficial for organizations needing to demonstrate the robustness and appropriateness of their privacy approach.

Strategic project support and assurance

Leverage our data privacy expertise for your strategic projects.

We offer guidance on design requirements and decisions, comprehensive documentation including policies, procedures, and risk assessments, and Board-level assurance. This service is especially valuable for programs with significant personal data processing components where data privacy compliance is a strategic priority.

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Industry code writing and administration

Development and administration of data privacy codes and the data privacy sections of industry codes.

This service is particularly useful for industry bodies and trade associations seeking additional income streams by assisting members in demonstrating compliance in complex areas of data privacy.

Privacy research

Bespoke research on data privacy topics.

We can define and deliver research projects on topics of interest to you. From focus groups to test privacy wording or training effectiveness, to strategic reports on issues of interest such as AI, our team can work with you to discover what matters to your data subjects. Of particular interest to larger organisations with strategic challenges to address, trade associations looking for insights and innovators wanting to know how privacy issues will affect adoption.

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Outsourced Data Protection Officer

Fully outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) services aligned with GDPR.

We handle all DPO responsibilities, including helping your organisation understand and meet its obligations, reviewing the effectiveness of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), and producing regular management reports to support accountability. This service is particularly beneficial for organisations that are legally required to have a DPO but are not ready to commit to a full-time, in-house role.

Virtual Privacy Office

Flexible support for in-house data protection officers delivered via a bank of call-off days.

We can provide ad hoc overflow resource when workloads exceed available capacity and specialist expertise to assist with complex issues when they arise. We can also provide external assurance of the effectiveness of inhouse teams and validate advice and guidance. Particularly useful for organisations with in-house teams that need extra support from time to time, but also offered in combination with our Outsourced Data Protection Officer service.

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Data protection for marketing

Training, assurance and strategic support for marketers.

We can provide data protection training to marketing teams, assure marketing programmes, assist organisations with ePrivacy compliance issues such as collecting and managing marketing permissions, and help design compliant marketing strategies to improve marketing effectiveness. Particularly useful for marketing-driven organisations with legacy data and compliance issues.

Digital compliance assurance

Assurance of website and app compliance including privacy notices, consent statements and cookie banners.

Particularly useful for any organisation that wants to be sure its digital ‘shop window’ is compliant and demonstrates a privacy culture.

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Data protection training and awareness

General, role-based and decision-maker training.

We can provide induction and refresher data protection training including elearning and face-to-face training. General training provides a common grounds for everyone, role-based training ensures individuals understand how to control the risks they are responsible for and decision-maker training is designed to help senior managers ensure they are properly considering data protection when making decisions. Staff awareness campaigns help to raise awareness of common and emerging issues. We can also provide bespoke training on data protection issues related to emerging trends such as AI. Useful for all organisations.

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Our Capabilities

  • advanced artificial intelligence for the future rise in technological singularity using deep learning algorithms. Generative AI

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assurance Service

    Helping businesses build trust and confidence in their AI-powered products and service

  • Cyber Security

    Proactive approach to protection.

  • Data illustration | Gemserv Capabilities

    Data Protection Officer Service

    Fully outsourced data protection officers and data privacy advisers for data-driven organisations.

  • The NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit

    If your organisation accesses or processes NHS patient information, you must provide assurances to the NHS that you are practicing good information governance.