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Our professional services are enabling the energy market transformation. Using our insight, we work collaboratively with stakeholders to ensure this complex and technology-driven market works for everyone’s benefit.


Generation is the process of transforming primary energy sources (such as fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewables) into electricity.

With our strong expertise in downstream technologies such as electric vehicles, we comment on and influence the debate on the sort of energy infrastructure we will require in the future.

The UK Energy White Paper: Implications for Energy Generation


Transmission is the process of moving gas and electricity from where it is produced to distribution networks where it is distributed for use.

Hydrogen is one of a handful of new, low carbon solutions that will be critical for the UK’s transition to net zero. We help inform Hydrogen policies and are the secretariat to Hydrogen UK.

UK Government Launches Plan to Create a Thriving Low Carbon Hydrogen Sector


The Distribution Network (both gas and electricity) transports energy from the transmission system to the end consumer.

Gemserv plays an important role in gas industry governance. For example, we administer the Independent Gas Transporter Uniform Network Code (IGT UNC).

IGT UNC Case Study


Suppliers buy gas and electricity in bulk on the wholesale market and sell them to customers in the retail market.

We have been involved since the start of Ofgem’s Faster Switching Programme with the Master Registration Agreement (MRA), which has now been superseded by the Retail Energy Code (REC).

RECCo announces Code Manager bid partners for delivery of consumer-focused approach to UK retail energy

Smart Meters

Smart Meters, installed by suppliers, send meter readings via a dedicated communications network to suppliers.

We are the code administrator for the Smart Energy Code which sets out the industry rules for the GB smart metering programme.  We have also supported the Alt HAN programme to design and manufacture a range-extending “alternative home area network” solution for the 1 million+ British households that are currently unable to enjoy the many benefits of smart metering because they live in blackspots.

Boosting Confidence in Smart Metering Equipment Through SMDA Testing


Customers can choose who they want to supply the energy that they use.

We have a team specifically tasked with ensuring that the voice of the consumer is included in the Retail Energy Code (REC). We support and advise a number of industry metering forums such as the Prepayment Metering Forum (PPMF) which is a working group established for the discussion of matters relating to all types of electricity prepayment meters including technical, operational, and regulatory issues that impact the operations of prepayment meters.

Vulnerable Consumers - Mum and the robot

Micro Generation

Microgeneration is the small-scale generation of heat and electric power by individuals, small businesses and communities. Increasingly in the future, consumers and businesses will utilise these alternative power sources.

We are the administrator for Heat Networks Investment Project.

After a long wait, the Heat and Buildings Strategy is finally here

Harnessing our sector knowledge, bringing together a more connected world.

  • Energy Market Governance

    Our core strengths help government departments, regulators, industry bodies and businesses navigate the changing landscape and help markets work efficiently, with integrity and for everyone.

  • Green Energy

    The traditional energy system is rapidly shifting to a decentralised, decarbonised and digitised one.

  • Smart Energy

    Technology is already seeing the vision of a smarter energy world become a reality.

  • Energy Regulatory Services

    We have played a key role in some of the most significant initiatives seen in the European energy sector.

Energy Regulatory Services

Our consultants have vast experience in understanding, implementing and assuring regulatory requirements in the retail energy markets and have worked for large and small energy suppliers, regulators and central delivery bodies.

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Thought Leadership, Insight

Faster Switching Is Fast Approaching: Are you Ready?

Solar panels with wind turbines and electricity pylon at sunset.

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Consultation Responses, Insight

Gemserv's response to the consultation on the Design and Delivery of the Energy Code Reform

Our Thoughts: Energy

Read our latest insights into the Energy sector by clicking the link below.

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Director of Energy
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Head of Market Solutions (Energy)
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Head of Energy Consulting
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Head of Market Design
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