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Low Carbon

The transition to a low carbon world continues to gather pace as pressure to tackle the climate emergency mounts. At Gemserv we see this shift as an exciting opportunity for the development of better ways of working and living which will reduce environmental impact as well as deliver wider benefits to society. With our clients we are transforming markets, to deliver net zero.

Making the most of the low carbon opportunity

The progress made so far in reducing carbon emissions, particularly from power generation, has been impressive but to achieve stretching net zero targets we need to go much further.

The years ahead will see nothing short of a revolution in the way we heat our homes and travel. New technologies and markets will help the grid manage ever-greater levels of intermittent renewable generation and innovation in areas such as green hydrogen hold the promise of abundant low-carbon energy.

Making the most of these opportunities will not only put us on the path to achieving net zero, but will also lead to reduced costs for businesses and consumers, better-insulated homes, cleaner air and the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs in low carbon industries.

Gemserv has played a key role in some of the biggest initiatives to date in paving the way for a lower carbon world and we are now actively involved in work right across the sector, from the rollout of EV infrastructure to the development of heat networks.

As the low carbon landscape continues to develop, our experience in working collaboratively with government, regulators, industry bodies and businesses will provide confidence and integrity to ensure everyone is able to benefit from the opportunities ahead.


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Gemserv acquires Ecuity to accelerate ‘net zero’ drive

Gemserv has enhanced its capability to transform markets to deliver net zero through the acquisition of Ecuity Advisory. The acquisition extends the capability of the business unit to the built environment, future mobility, energy transition and to support a wider range of sustainable and low carbon solutions. Ecuity together with Gemserv are now at the forefront of developing future net zero policy and having the combined capability and expertise to execute this policy through innovative and transformative schemes and projects for clients and governmental organisations.

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Enabling Energy Markets for Net Zero

Our Thoughts: Low Carbon

Read our latest insights into the Low Carbon sector by clicking the link below.

Meet Our Experts

Ilias Vazaios

Director of Low Carbon
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David Hiller

Head of Low Carbon
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Matthew Knight

Head of Low Carbon Solutions
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Low Carbon Partner
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James Higgins

Low Carbon Partner
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Joachim Brandt

Head of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
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Imogen Jamie

Senior Client Manager - Low Carbon
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Phillip Twiddy

Principal Consultant - Low Carbon
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Samantha Crichton

Head of Policy Insights and Engagement
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Clare Jackson

Head of Innovation - Low Carbon
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Robert Honeyman

Head of Analysis
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Christina Thompson-Yates

Policy Communications Manager
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