Ethical phishing in the NHS

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The pressure on healthcare has never been greater. We work with healthcare providers to help enable technology to transform services while improving affordability and protecting patient data.

Harnessing data to Improve Health

  • The healthcare sector in the UK (and worldwide) faces significant challenges, with unprecedented levels of demand, cost of treatment increasing and workforce challenges on a scale not seen before. Digital solutions provide a clear opportunity to enable health services to successfully mitigate these challenges.

    The ageing population – with its associated longer-term, multiple illnesses and higher care costs – is driving the need for further and deeper integration of health and social services, allowing a joined-up approach to support patients, both inside and outside hospitals (often in their own homes).

    New technology solutions are helping change how patients are informed about their own needs and how they access healthcare. The use of telemedicine and remote diagnostics is facilitating the move away from institutionally based services in hospitals towards locally based services in the community, improving patient experiences at doctors’ surgeries and making it easier to access help at home.

  • Even more dramatically, technology is transforming healthcare delivery, from diagnosis being supported by Artificial Intelligence to gene profiling enabling personalised medicine, making sure individuals get the treatments that work best for them.

    These developments produce vast amounts of data, which must be handled ethically, efficiently, and securely.

    Gemserv’s expertise in working with the health services, including the NHS, Government and other key stakeholders, allows it to be at the heart of this opportunity, harnessing its experience to identify and deliver real step changes in how technology can be successfully exploited within health services to deliver significant IT enabled changes that make genuine differences to patient care.

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Ethical phishing in the NHS

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One year on from the first Covid-19 lockdown – what happens next for healthcare?

Our Thoughts: Health

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Meet Our Experts

Robin O’Connor

Director of Digital Transformation (Health)
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Ian Carr

Business Development - Health
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Mandeep Thandi

Director of Cyber & Digital
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Andy Green

Chief Information Security Officer
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Edward Williams

Head of Digital Services
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Ian Davis

Head of Information Security
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Ian Hirst

Head of Cyber Security
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James Weston

Principal Consultant
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Gemserv Health is a member of Sonder, a group of organisations providing our clients with access to multi-sectoral and inter-disciplinary expertise. The Sonder Group and its individual members have been appointed to a series of government frameworks, which allow direct award of contracts in the health sector and other public sector fields. Further details are available about the Sonder Group website.

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