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Hydrogen will play a key role in the decarbonisation of global energy demand but there are complex challenges in the way of realising this potential. Our experts help the industry navigate this through strategy, analysis, stakeholder engagement and strategic partnerships.


Globally, governments and companies have set an ambitious target for low carbon hydrogen but now they are hoping to convert these targets into investment and deployment. So far however, progress has not kept pace with ambition as certain barriers have hampered the realisation of projects and investment.

These challenges include:

  • Uncertainty around regulation, pricing, economics, and business models preventing investment decisions.
  • Truly innovative companies and technologies being lost amongst the jostling and noise of a developing and uncertain market.
  • A need for strategic partnerships to ensure the necessary infrastructure, markets and expertise are developed to enable value chains, hubs, and off-takers.
  • Stronger and clearer regulation combined with greater funding are needed to bridge the gap whilst hydrogen is in its development phase.
  • A gap in knowledge, skills and networks are preventing business making decisions with confidence.

However, by leveraging its best-in-class expertise, network, and toolkit within hydrogen, Gemserv can help clients, private or public, overcome these challenges and realise their ambitions. Gemserv Hydrogen Solutions is a suite of solutions that address these key challenges.

Our Service Offerings

Innovators support

Gemserv support the successful entry of companies, projects, and technologies into the hydrogen market. Leveraging our best-in-class expertise and network, we develop and deliver a strategy that empowers innovators to make an impact on the market and win investment and funding.

We provide clients with a detailed analysis of the market, dissecting by themes such as players, value chains, policy, infrastructure, partnerships, and geographies. Using this mapping we size the opportunity, before working with the client to develop a market entry strategy and a value proposition that can be used to win funding and investment. We also assess the competitiveness of our client’s offering against other relevant competitors in the market and develop a strategy to maximise performance. Our support can continue through execution of this strategy as we utilize our experience in securing of funding and investment and can extend to deal origination and sourcing.

Stakeholders engagement

Gemserv has extensive experience helping clients find actionable answers to complex challenges that have many stakeholders.

We identify and map relevant stakeholders, before engaging them in a methodical and professional way that upholds the reputation our client and develops constructive relationships. After collating and analysing the results, we use this as an input into further analysis before forming a recommendation and strategic plan tailored to our client’s challenge. We also provide strategic outreach and communications to deliver the answers and messages effectively to relevant internal and external audiences and stakeholders, ensuring the key takeaways are heard.

Policy and regulatory support

We help regional and national public organizations develop impactful but functional policy and roadmaps in the hydrogen sector. We leverage our stakeholder engagement, policy and economics expertise and extensive network.

We also help private companies and sectors to understand and plan around policy, as well as helping them have their voices heard and an input into the formation of hydrogen policy. To achieve this, we can: leverage our network, model policy and business scenarios, provide supporting analysis and thought leadership, respond to consultations, provide communications, conduct stakeholder engagement, and develop partnerships.

Investors support

Gemserv support successful investments into the hydrogen market by leveraging our best-in-class expertise and networks.

We provide an initial screening of the market to identify companies, projects, themes, and value chain segments that may be of interest to the investor. We provide key insights and deep dives on these identified targets, at the client’s discretion, before developing a strategy on how to approach and maximise any potential investment. This strategy includes identifying and supporting applications for funding, identifying and securing key partners and offtakers, business modelling and support, market entry strategy, scenario development, market and policy analysis to identify exposure, opportunities and risks. Gemserv can also provide deal origination and sourcing within the hydrogen sector.

Secretariat services

Gemserv has vast experience providing secretariat services that bring many parties together in a consortium or industry to develop and deliver on a common goal. We facilitate industry collaboration, provide thought leadership, and deliver impactful outreach and communications.

Our clients trust us to deliver efficient, reliable, and smooth secretariat functionality and day-to-day operation. We leverage our best-in-class hydrogen expertise to deliver thought leadership, analysis and agenda support to facilitate constructive collaboration. We provide events, meetings, networking, media, and communications for our clients. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a true partner and an extension to the client’s team. This is evident in our track record of facilitating growth and progress for consortia and associations in the hydrogen and wider energy industry.

Gemserv is the primary team behind the leading UK hydrogen trade association, Hydrogen UK.

Visit Hydrogen UK

Business and economic modelling

Gemserv helps clients find clarity in the uncertain world of hydrogen by providing financial, business and hydrogen production models which include scenarios for different economic and price environments.

We review our client’s current hydrogen business models before assessing their robustness and testing and developing them in different hydrogen price and policy environments. We also build models from scratch, providing a robust and user-friendly model that can provide clarity on business and financial operations in a variety of scenarios. Using the results of this exercise we can compare to relevant benchmark projects to assess the competitiveness of the client’s business model in the context of the hydrogen sector.

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