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H2View | Hydrogen Storage & Distribution

Date of event 31 May 2024

Time 14:30 - 15:30

Location Online

This H2 View webinar will explore hydrogen storage and transportation and the pivotal components in the journey towards a sustainable energy future. Hear from industry leaders and experts including Harry Morton, Principal Consultant – Hydrogen as he discusses the key questions and offer insights and solutions to the storage and transportation industry:

  1. What are the latest technologies for storing hydrogen safely and efficiently?
  2. How do we overcome the logistical hurdles that transporting hydrogen poses? And What innovative solutions are being developed to overcome these challenges?
  3. How far are we from a sufficient and efficient infrastructure? And what are the economic, regulatory, and technological factors impacting hydrogen infrastructure?
  4. How can we ensure the sustainability and safety of hydrogen storage and transportation systems, and what strategies are being implemented to address these concerns?



Harry Morton

Principal Consultant - Hydrogen

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