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After a long wait, the Heat and Buildings Strategy is finally here

20th Oct, 2021

On 19th October the Government published the Heat and Buildings Strategy which sets out a plan to significantly cut carbon emissions from the UK’s 30 million homes and workplaces in a simple, low-cost and green way whilst ensuring this remains affordable and fair for households across the country.

The strategy builds on commitments made in ‘’Clean growth: transforming heating’’, the ‘’Energy white paper’’ and the ‘’Prime Minister’s 10-point plan’’. This strategy aims to provide a clear direction of travel for the 2020s, set out the strategic decisions that need to be taken this decade, and demonstrate how the Government plans to meet carbon targets and remain on track for net zero by 2050.

Contained within the strategy are major commitments to fund a heat pump innovation programme, energy efficiency in homes where it is needed most and to support public sector decarbonisation. Boiler Upgrade Grants of up to £5,000 for households installing a heat pump will be available from April 2022 whilst £338m of funding is reconfirmed for Heat Networks. Finally, progress and timescales for decisions on Hydrogen for Home Heating are set out.

Our policy experts have read through the strategy, capturing the most salient points in a briefing document.


Samantha Shea

Head of Policy Insights and Engagement

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