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BNP Paribas, Teach First and Gemserv launch lesson on Sustainable Financing for a Net Zero Future

17th Mar, 2023

London, 17 March 2022BNP Paribas, TeachFirst and Gemserv are excited to announce the second lesson in their partnership – “Sustainable Financing for a Net Zero Future” as part of their ‘Leaders for a Changing World’ programme.

The ‘Leaders for a Changing World’ programme will run from 2022 to 2025, enabling Teach First to support 14,000 young people through the recruitment, training, and placement of 110 teachers across Teach First’s partner schools, which specifically serve disadvantaged communities across England.

The programme also centres on delivering a series of four sustainability lessons. Today, we launch the second lesson in the series called ‘Sustainable Financing for a Net Zero Future’ available for free on the Times Education Supplement or TES.

The session aims to support students in years 9, 10, or 11 (13-16 years old) with their learning for GCSE Business Studies, focussing on the sources of finance part of the curriculum. A series of fun, interactive and informative activities will help pupils to learn about sources of finance, how finance is a crucial tool to be used in tackling climate change and BNP Paribas’ role in this. It will be accompanied by a video animation. This 1 hr 30-minute lesson is primarily delivered by teachers, however BNP Paribas staff in certain geographical locations are trained volunteers, able to deliver the lesson face to face, alongside the teacher.

Will Taylor, Senior Consultant Low Carbon, Gemserv emphasised:

“Tackling climate change affects all areas of the economy. We know that ensuring businesses have access to sustainable finance is critical to embedding carbon reduction strategies and sustainability into business practices. Making sure that young people have sustainable finance skills and knowledge will be critical to meeting net zero targets. Gemserv are proud to bring our expertise to the partnership to help educate future generations and to help prepare them for the sustainable finance jobs of the future.”

Anne Marie Verstraeten, UK Country Head, BNP Paribas highlighted:

“Our commitment over the next 3 years will enable Teach First to continue training and recruiting great teachers for schools serving disadvantaged communities, whilst working to inspire future generations with the skills and knowledge they need to help tackle sustainability challenges as part of the future workforce.”

Mitchell Favell, Senior New Partnerships & Account Manager, TeachFirst explains:

“With this lesson pack, we hope to inspire more young people to become future leaders in sustainability, and to take action in their personal live and future careers to protect our planet for generations to come. We know full well that wider access to quality education is key to driving positive change in our society, and that’s why we are making this lesson plan freely available to our entire teacher and ambassador networks.”

Find out more about the ‘Leaders for a Changing World’ programme.


Press Contacts:

Jordan Shuttlewood, Head of Marketing, Gemserv

+44 203 934 3565


Will Taylor

Senior Low Carbon Consultant

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