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Energy Efficiency Obligations

5th Aug, 2018

Challenge & Vision

To help meet energy saving objectives, Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive encourages EU member states to implement energy efficiency obligation schemes (EEOS).

There are now several EEOS in existence, requiring organisations to take actions on energy efficiency.  Ultimately, these policies require energy companies to achieve annual energy savings equal to 1.5% of annual energy sales at the end user level. Our client, a European leader in providing energy efficiency, sought to understand the implemented energy policies in place in order to recognise emerging opportunities within the market.

We envisioned combining our deep market knowledge and policy insight to help our client identify the emerging opportunities as a result of the EEOS policies planned or in place.


Drawing on our broad capabilities within the heating sector, we delivered significant insight and high- level counsel to our client on regulation and policy. Combined with our well-tested approach to strategic analysis of policy frameworks, we carried out an exhaustive market evaluation of the energy efficiency polices that were implemented by member states in response to the EU mandate.

This enabled us to identify the key markets and conditions and to map out the policy framework impacting the client’s approach and entry strategy.

Outcome & Positive Change

Our insight supported our client in supplying necessary energy efficiency measures to reduce energy bills and support our collective shift to a less carbon intensive energy system.

  • 6

    European Markets Analysed
    France, Spain, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Italy

  • £2 Billion

    Policy mandated energy savings required

  • £161 Million

    Market Share identified