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Decarbonisation within households | Man retro fits thermal insulation in a roof spaceDecarbonisation within households | Man retro fits thermal insulation in a roof space


Featured in Utility Week: Tackling domestic energy efficiency after the demise of the Green Homes Grant

22nd Apr, 2021

Senior Client Manager, Imogen Jamie recently wrote an article for Utility Week (UW), setting out what she believes is needed from a replacement for the Green Homes Grant voucher scheme, which was recently closed to new applicants having been dogged by administrative problems.


Now that the Green Homes Grant has been scrapped, it leaves the UK without a clear plan for tackling emissions from domestic homes, which must reduce by 95 per cent to reach the 2050 net zero targets.

Renewable energy and low carbon technologies are proven, cost-effective and long-term solutions that reduce our carbon emissions and support both the economy and the government’s net zero targets. Significant changes in how we heat our homes will be required to achieve decarbonisation and a fabric first approach is the mainstay of any national policy initiative. Building and maintaining consumer confidence is also critical to deliver energy saving measures at scale and whatever replaces the Green Homes Grant, must offer a simple compelling service proposition that consumers understand and can easily access.

Reducing complexity and guaranteeing a stable policy environment will allow the market to invest in the infrastructure and workforce required to fix the UK’s leaky housing stock. Deploying a longer-term solution that can be flexed with market evolution and strong, clear public messaging, will improve the effectiveness of any future retrofit initiative. Innovative financial offerings will also drive our transition to a low-carbon economy, leveraging the benefits of both the private and public sector.


To read the full article please visit the Utility Week website: