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Electriv car charging with the sun setting in the background


Gemserv and Dodona Analytics partner to power up the EV transition

11th Nov, 2021

Gemserv have partnered with Dodona Analytics, a leading AI technology company, to expand on their EV offering and enable a more robust evidence-based low carbon transition.

An evidenced-based approach will be critical in delivering a coherent growth strategy for the deployment of commercially viable EV charging infrastructure in the UK. Advanced data analytics will play a crucial role in driving asset utilisation and consumer satisfaction for a digitally enabled EV charging rollout that is fit for purpose.

With the utilisation of data analytics sitting at the heart of their approach , Gemserv and Dodona Analytics are collaboratively developing new data-driven services to enable a low carbon transport transition that will address the following key areas:

  • Focusing investment to deliver a charging infrastructure that meets consumer needs.
  • Making the right choices for charge point locations and technology deployment.
  • Using industry’s first real time telematics data to match charging demand and infrastructure provision
  • Empowering fleet managers to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.
  • Leveraging electric vehicles for grid services and higher utilisation of renewable electricity generation.
  • Empowering cross sector collaboration for a world leading EV charging infrastructure.

On working with Gemserv, Dr Stefan Furlan, the CEO of Dodona Analytics said

We are excited to announce our partnership with Gemserv. We believe our joint clients, leaders in the transition to a low carbon society, will benefit enormously from our collective knowledge; Gemserv’s wider expertise in energy and transport is creating strong market-changing synergies when combined with our AI and data-led technology.

Dr Joachim Brandt, Head of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles at Gemserv is excited about the partnership and he is looking forward to leveraging the combined capabilities, stating

We are looking forward to supporting our clients with a more robust data-led approach that will better inform decision-making processes and deliver a competitive advantage, and channel investments for the industry, while supporting a green growth strategy that will benefit businesses and communities alike.