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Healthcare reduce single-use plastic Plastic free JulyHealthcare reduce single-use plastic Plastic free July


Have Healthcare Systems become too reliant on single-use plastic?

12th Jul, 2022

With this month being ‘Plastic Free July’ we review the context and usage of plastic in healthcare to see why it may be so high, issues that need to be resolved to reduce usage, and where the opportunities lie moving forward.

Plastic is an increasingly significant environmental and policy problem both globally and in the UK. Plastic free July seeks to recognise this impact, by encouraging organisations, families, and individuals to reduce their reliance on single use plastic.

This report investigates the extent of plastic use in healthcare and why is it so high? We explore complexities to consider for solutions about single-use plastic in healthcare and strategies to apply going forward for the NHS at a national, regional and provider level.

Download our Thinking About Plastic: In the Health Sector  Report



Richard Hilson

Principal Consultant

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