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Securing Insights, Empowering Industries: Gemserv’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Campaign

18th Jan, 2024


The client is a professional consultancy commissioned to improve cyber security in the transportation sector. They required actionable cyber threat intelligence to combat the rising risk of attacks due to an increasingly digital transport network.

The client’s aim was to produce public-facing guidance documents that covered three critical use cases:

  • Reports of current and past attacks across the two sectors.
  • Analysis on emerging threats and attacks across the same vertical.
  • Investigation of other verticals of interest.


Gemserv were approached by the client to develop and deliver a cybersecurity intelligence plan. In order to achieve this, we:

  • Created weekly themes for investigation.
  • Produced weekly reports to explore up-to-date and historic incidents.
  • Supported the client with bespoke analysis.
  • Carried out monitoring across several domains.


Our Cyber Threat Intelligence offering helped the client by:

  • Enhancing their ability to produce public-facing guidance documents.
  • Broadening the client’s perspective into vulnerabilities, exploits and threats.
  • Facilitating the development of improved security measures.
  • Providing targeting intelligence, enabling informed decisions and ensuring proactive safeguarding measures.


Ian Hirst

Partner, Cyber Threat Services

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