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Show your stripes: How Gemserv is creating meaningful change

21st Jun, 2024

At Gemserv, we are committed to making a difference – not just with how we do things internally, but through the work we deliver for our clients. By driving the energy transition and accelerating net zero goals, our objective is to help create a sustainable future for everyone, both in the UK and around the world.  This commitment lends itself to today’s ‘Show Your Stripes’ Day.

We are facing the biggest challenge of our time, and there are no quick wins or easy answers. Since the start of the industrial revolution, global temperatures have risen, pushing us closer to the 1.5 °C threshold of global warming and demanding changes to the way we go about our lives.

What is Show Your Stripes Day? 

Established by the University of Reading, ‘Show Your Stripes’ Day is a call for businesses, peoples and cities to raise awareness of climate change and clearly communicate the reality of the challenge we’re facing. Now a yearly event, the day is a chance for everyone to show their ‘climate stripes’ and visually display how global temperatures have risen in their region. The message is of course that there is urgency for action. These stripes have been displayed in a variety of prominent spaces across the world to date, including Times Square in New York and the White Cliffs of Dover in the UK.

Gemserv is proud to be part of the movement by showing its own stripes today.  

Raising awareness of climate change and being part of the solution is what we do each and every day. As a company, we have roots across all industries that will drive a sustainable transition to net zero. We’re experts in areas including energy efficiency, heat networks, heat pumps, hydrogen, circular economy, green skills, and playing a part in paving the way for a lower carbon economy – creating meaningful change for people and the environment.

A commitment to working to reduce our own carbon footprint is one thing, but our work across the low carbon economy has led to tangible results that really demonstrate a real-world impact.

Here’s a rundown of some of the things we’re most proud of:

Growing the heat networks market and improving the efficiency of existing heat networks.

Gemserv is proud to be delivering the Heat Network Efficiency Scheme (HNES) alongside our partners, and part of the delivery team for the Green Heat Network Fund (GHNF). The former has helped to improve the performance of efficiency levels of heat networks, which will benefit over 41,000 residents. The latter has so far delivered low carbon heating fit for the future to over 32,000 residents. Together, these crucial schemes will deliver tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon savings each year.

Supporting the transition to low carbon heating 

We’ve worked alongside the heat pump industry to develop roadmaps for phasing out fossil fuel heating, supporting manufacturers, local authorities, government and energy suppliers to implement an accelerated transition to net zero. This includes landmark pieces of work for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) on how to effectively phase out fossil fuel heating across Ireland, considering different consumer and geographical demographics. We’ve also informed the Isle of Man’s decarbonisation policy, shaping key policy decisions such as the future of the gas grid and scope for hydrogen heating.

Educating the future generation of climate leaders

Gemserv is also playing its part in creating and educating the future leaders in sustainability through our ‘Leaders for a changing world‘ partnership with BNP Paribas and Teach First, focusing on the delivery of sustainability lessons across England from 2022 to 2025. Having initially set out to support 14,000 young people whilst recruiting and training 110 teachers, the programme has now reached over 20,000 students specifically serving disadvantaged communities across the country.

Supporting the large-scale commercialisation of hydrogen  

We are incredibly proud to have formed Hydrogen UK, a dynamic trade association that delivers technical expertise, resources and stakeholder engagement. The association now boasts over 100 members, and its annual conference is one of the largest events in the UK’s hydrogen calendar.

Creating a circular economy 

We are also working to create a circular economy in both the UK and overseas by assessing policy readiness, and developing recommendations and action plans for how this can be achieved. This, alongside our ESG advisory work, will help to create a more sustainable world and accelerate our path to net zero.

Today, like many others, we are showing our stripes to highlight the huge effort still needed to minimise the impact of climate change and global temperature rises. Raising awareness of the challenge is a huge part of the journey. Looking forward, Gemserv will continue to contribute its efforts to the transition to a low carbon world by helping to transform markets to deliver net zero. This is at the heart of who we are as a company, and it is work we are proud to be delivering each and every day.


Michael Williams

Content Developer

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