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UK Electric vehicle charging use cases for optimised infrastructure roll out

16th Nov, 2023

A paper written by Gemserv, titled ‘UK Electric Vehicle Charging Use Cases For Optimised Infrastructure Roll Out’ is going to be discussed and on show at the IET’s Powering Net Zero conference in Glasgow, 14th-16th November. 

Co-written by Joachim Brandt and Murray Siral, the paper provides a baseline for what they think could be an optimal way forward for the number of charge points required solely from a demand and use case perspective. For this they looked to meet the need of the total UK road going milage demand with both public and private charge point infrastructure, utilising what could be optimal scenarios for charging.

One of our key underpinning thoughts is that rolling out more infrastructure than necessary is not just sub-optimal in an economic sense, but also in a sustainability and wasted materials view too.