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COP25 2019 – Electric Vehicles

6th Dec, 2019

Day five of COP25. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector in the United States alone contributed to the largest percentage (29%) of Greenhouse emissions in 2017 and, in Europe, transport represents almost a quarter of the continent’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

There is growing recognition that affordable, efficient and scalable solutions are now available to help progress us to cleaner, more enduring national economic systems; one of which is the transition from traditional Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) to Electric Vehicles (EVs), to provide air quality benefits and meet climate change obligations.  

COP25 aims to scale up the production, research and usage of zero-emission fuels, including EVs. This is dependent upon progress in battery technology and the availability of charging infrastructure, which Gemserv is helping to facilitate.

Gemserv is working across the EV supply chain to address potential barriers to a widespread and rapid adoption of EVs. This includes having introduced the world’s first Electric (and Connected Autonomous) Vehicle Governance Framework (EVGF). Interoperable services and consumer choice are at the heart of the EVGF and are imperative to achieving the rate of uptake needed to deliver market growth. The EVGF works to prevent issues associated with scale and pace, such as interoperability, consumer standards and smart charging.  

The EVGF brings together stakeholders and delivers a mechanism for industry self-governance, overseen by an industry-led forum, independent of government market regulation. By working with EV market participants to better recognise developments and trends, Gemserv’s EVGF has developed a digital platform containing standards and rules, which allows the market to operate efficiently. This supports investor certainty for large scale investment in charging infrastructure across the UK. With a coherent approach to data and digital integration of charging infrastructure, the EVGF accelerates the fluency of EV uptake, positioning the UK as a global market leader.  

With any new technology solution, one size doesn’t fit all, so we are engaging with various support organisations such as TechUK and the Electric Vehicle Energy Taskforce and Government, Office of Low Emissions Vehicles to increase uptake by shaping policies and helping define the Smart Charging Infrastructure that the UK needs for a successful transition.

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