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Powering Alt HAN Co.'s Smart Meter Rollout

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Powering Alt HAN Co.’s Smart Meter Rollout

9th Apr, 2024


  • Alt HAN Co. established by UK Government via SEC and Supplier Licenses to manage smart meter rollout for challenging premises.
  • Legally binding agreement with Energy Suppliers for Alt HAN technology delivery.
  • Partner needed for procurement, financing, and management of smart metering range extenders, and to manage industry relationships.
  • Challenge involves governance setup, oversight of technical partners, and understanding energy industry policies and technical features.


  • Gemserv partnered with Alt HAN Co. since 2016, offering diverse support including governance, health & safety, HR, finance, IT, procurement, smart meter engineering, and cybersecurity.
  • We facilitated procurement services for major suppliers, managed vendor relationships, and provided financing solutions for Alt HAN asset acquisition.
  • By managing complex relationships across government, energy supply, software, legal, and technology providers this ensured alignment from conception to delivery.
  • Our expert support in cybersecurity, device engineering, and data protection provided critical assurance to Alt HAN Co., suppliers, and stakeholders, ensuring robustness of devices, systems, and data procured.


  • Gemserv assisted Alt HAN Co in vendor procurement for operational services and device manufacturing, facilitating smooth rollout and deployment.
  • Through the Solution Finance project, Gemserv established a finance facility for Alt HAN equipment, enabling charges to be spread over a longer period.
  • Gemserv supported Alt HAN Co in budget development, consultation, and approval processes, leading to the successful achievement of their Target Operating Model in 2021.
  • As a result of Gemserv’s support, Alt HAN Co established teams for asset management, Secretariat, contract management, and achieved ISO27001 compliance, enabling successful rollouts and certifications in subsequent years.


Kaveh Cope-Lahooti

Principal Consultant - Data Privacy

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Gavin Beresford

Principal Consultant

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