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King Charles, the Climate King.

16th May, 2023

What does the coronation have to do with sustainability? Behind all the pomp and ceremony, there was a subtle message to drive green growth and support green careers.

In honour of the coronation of King Charles III, dubbed the ‘Climate King’, industry experts have selected the MCS Low Carbon Heating Technician apprenticeship as one of six apprenticeships to be recognised for its sustainability credentials highlighting the role heat decarbonisation must play in tackling climate change.

The King has consistently advocated for sustainability. In the 1970s, he began voicing his concerns about global warming and biodiversity loss, long before these issues were considered mainstream. During his time as the Prince of Wales, he has championed the pressing issues of renewable energy, environmental protection and green recovery The apprenticeships are a clear recognition of the importance of education and training to deliver net zero. With the aim of encouraging people to pursue careers in green industries, the scheme will use the official Coronation emblem to promote the apprenticeships as the gold standard for green skills training.  

This announcement emphasises the King’s commitment to sustainability but also highlights the need to upskill the workforce and support the growth of the low carbon industry. From manufacturing electric vehicles, to maintaining offshore wind turbines, and installing heat pumps in homes, we have estimated that the Net Zero transition could support over 800,000 direct, low carbon jobs by 2030 with even more needed as we move towards net zero. This means not only encouraging new people into the sector but also upskilling those already working in adjacent industries.  

It is hoped that this course, along with others being developed across the sector, will kick start the growth needed in green skills and jobs. It is great to see the King taking an interest in these technical courses aimed at school leavers.  

We also believe that engagement within schools will help to inspire the newest entrants to the workforce which is why we are working with Teach First to develop teaching materials to support learning and promote sustainability in primary schools. Where in the past King Charles was able to be outspoken with his advocacy, in his new role as head of state he has a duty to remain impartial. However, his views have had a long-lasting influence and the issues he has been advocating for are now at the forefront of policy. With the world caught up, we hope the King’s long-standing views will speak for themselves and act as a stabilising force as the UK progresses towards a net zero future.  

We will continue to do our bit at Gemserv by working with our partners – which includes national and local government, trade associations and industry leaders – to define, measure and project the number of green jobs which will be required for Net Zero. We continue to produce research which assesses skills-gaps and develops recommendations for addressing emerging challenges across low carbon sectors and regions of the UK. Whilst we know there will be a lot on his plate as he settles into the role, we hope that his passion for sustainability and young people will continue to shine through and he will encourage action to further support the low carbon sector. 

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