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Procurement and Procurement Support

17th Jul, 2021


Gemserv was chosen to provide specialist procurement advice, oversight and support services for a state-owned economic development organisation set up by the UK Government. The organisation needed to identify and procure a suitable Fund Manager to administer an investment fund on its behalf.


To enable the organisation to deliver an OJEU-compliant procurement, implement improved commercial processes and thereby minimise the risk of any procurement challenge.

In collaboration with the organisation’s Product, Procurement, Risk, Internal Audit and Legal teams, Gemserv delivered a simple and effective Procurement Strategy that would lead to the award of a single contract via the Open Procedure and a suite of clear and comprehensive deliverables, setting out the organisation’s principal requirements, agreed with the organisation’s key stakeholders.

Gemserv designed and developed all tender documentation which included liaising with external legal advisors to obtain their sign-off. Designing and engineering the Evaluation Model, we incorporated key weighting requirements, compliant scoring rationale and a comprehensive set of instructions for its use during the tender evaluation phases. Further actions included the development of the Evaluation Methodology, production of key evaluation documents, development and coordination of a Tender post-launch bidder event, including the development of all presentation materials and facilitation of bidder-client engagement at the event.


With Gemserv’s input, and following an OJEU-compliant process, the organisation appointed the Fund Manager on time and within budget, and with no procurement challenge.