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Scheme Management: Smart Metering

17th Jul, 2020


Gemserv manages large regulatory schemes working closely with government, regulators and industry. We currently act as the Smart Energy Code (SEC) Administrator and Secretariat (SECAS) a role we have had since 2013. Industry codes underpin the electricity and gas wholesale and retail markets. Licensees are required to maintain, become party to, or comply with the industry codes in accordance with the conditions of their licence. The SEC defines the rights and obligations of energy suppliers, network operators and other parties involved in the end-to-end management of the roll out of 53m smart meters in GB.


Gemserv operates as secretariat function on behalf of the Smart Energy Code Company. We manage meetings/committees including coordinating papers and drafting minutes as well as coordinating change processes, supporting with managing issues and complaints and overseeing communication of new and changing obligations to the energy industry. In addition, we advise the SEC on the protection of data and the security of systems for what is a key part of the nation’s critical national infrastructure.

Throughout the operation of the contract, we have successfully struck a balance of delivering services to the highest standards required while ensuring cost effectiveness is always maintained. Each year we consult on a three-year budget, drawing on our knowledge of the code to assess the ever-changing landscape in terms of likely workload.

We provided an agile and flexible approach when dealing with changes, effectively worked with the government and regulator and incorporated digital transformation.


Gemserv has delivered the SEC from transitional governance to a stable enduring arrangement over the long term. In 2019 we digitised the Smart Energy Code, driving greater efficiencies, reducing supplier costs, providing better access to the code – especially for new entrants – and improving industry collaboration.

A core function is the provision of committee support; organising some 170 meetings and ensuring governance requirements of the code are met. In the latest Code Administrators Performance Survey issued by Ofgem we achieved 100% satisfaction in terms of delivering meeting materials providing enough information for meeting participants.