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The Extreme Hangout COP26: Decarbonizing global supply chains

Date of event 10 November 2021

Time 12:00 - 13:00

Location COP26, Glasgow

How young leaders are building the sustainable supply chain of the future.

In this session, young project leaders from various sectors will share their experiences in building the carbon-neutral supply chain of the future. The session will be kicked off by a senior representative of the BMW Group sharing their thoughts on supply chain sustainability. The project leaders will then present on their respective work on decarbonizing global supply chains in their respective organisations. These pitches will be followed by a discussion amongst the project leaders sharing their experiences with driving the sustainable redesign of supply chains. The discussion will address challenges in decarbonizing global supply chains on a technical, economical, and cultural level. Participants will have the opportunity to comment on these challenges and will share their strategies to overcome these barriers successfully.

Our Policy Insight Advisor Waco Yokoyama will be speaking at this event.


Waco Yokoyama

Policy Insight Analyst

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