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Wireless network and Connection technology concept with city background at night.Wireless network and Connection technology concept with city background at night.


Cyber Threat Intelligence for Energy Theft Prevention

26th Mar, 2024


The client is an independent organisation responsible for the managing, developing, and maintaining of a set of obligations governing market participants operating in the energy market within Great Britain.

The client articulated they had four primary use cases that needed coverage; these were:

  • An understanding of the way in which people are stealing energy, including bypassing meters, and how they are sharing information online.
  • Protecting the organisation’s reputation and providing counter narratives to material online.
  • Educating consumers and countering wide-spread misinformation.
  • Protecting the organisation and the wider energy market participants by identifying data leaks and harmful online discussions.


Gemserv was contracted by the client to provide a managed theft monitoring service in aid of the client’s campaign to reduce theft.

Using Cyber Threat Intelligence, Gemserv implemented an energy theft monitoring service. This included:

  • Collecting and analysing media in real-time including Open Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web content.
  • Monitoring sources, including paste bins, blogs, forums/message boards, IRC channels, social media, niche sites, malware/vulnerability technical reporting, news outlets, financial exchanges, official government announcements.
  • Weekly reports were sent to the organisation on findings with items of interest analysed by our theft experts to determine potential appropriate next steps, agreed by our client.


  • Gemserv successfully identified the main individuals and groups who support and promote energy theft.
  • The outputs from this engagement enabled the industry to be better informed.
  • This enabled the client to adapt their response to emerging trends and specific intelligence.


Ian Hirst

Partner, Cyber Threat Services

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