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Lights out, Flexibility in: Gemserv’s commitment beyond Earth Hour

22nd Mar, 2024

This Saturday, March 23rd, marks Earth Hour. During this global event, millions of people have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the planet. By simply turning off our lights and electronics for one hour, we demonstrate our commitment to climate change. Last year, over 410,000 hours were given by supporters in 190 countries and territories.

Whether it’s knitting, reading a book, or engaging in other eco-friendly activities, every small action counts. This got us thinking at Gemserv, what do we do beyond the global one hour?

At Gemserv, Energy Hour is every hour, every day, and every year.

Gemserv has been at the centre of the Energy sector in the UK and Ireland for over 25 years.  We have always been committed to improving the industry for the ultimate benefit of consumers – energy efficiency, innovation in technology & systems, and transforming markets to enable and protect our collective Net Zero goals, is firmly held in the hearts of all our employees.

We are strong advocates of distributed, flexible, and renewable energy approaches as part of our vision for tomorrow’s energy economy.  At Gemserv, we have established our own Flexible Markets Programme, zeroing in on critical activities across the Energy sector. We advise upon, influence, and manage change in our market, support the market functions and their participants, and kickstarted our own homegrown Net Zero aligned initiatives.

Gemserv’s Flexible Markets Programme is working across projects that look toward protecting consumers and prosumers in new Flexible Energy Markets. We support new innovative Market entrants; enable the foundations for mass deployment of low carbon technology assets, such as Heat Pumps, Heat Networks and Smart Meters; and driving forward the frameworks required for commercially sustainable and scalable Local Energy Systems.

Whilst we support our industry and its consumers in driving toward Net Zero, Gemserv also holds itself to very high standards in practicing what we preach.  We are an environmentally responsible business, holding B Corp status and celebrating comprehensive ESG policies and approaches.

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Gavin Beresford

Principal Consultant

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