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Gemserv partners with Minviro to future proof product and supply chains

30th Jan, 2024

Gemserv is excited to announce its new partnership with Minviro, an expert in Life-Cycle Assessments. This partnership enables us to create sustainability strategies and action plans that not only excel at a corporate level but are also rigorously validated for feasibility, including economic and environmental optimisation at the supply chain and R&D levels.

The holistic partnership combines Gemserv’s expertise in corporate sustainability and Minviro’s lifecycle assessment capabilities to enable clients to receive an integrated assessment of their corporate sustainability and product lifecycle.

Waco Yokoyama, Consultant at Gemserv highlights:

We are excited to announce the partnership with Minviro, combining Gemserv’s expertise in corporate sustainability and policy insights with Minviro’s robust environmental lifecycle assessment. As low carbon solutions become the norm, it is becoming prevalent that not all green technologies are equally sustainable; the footprint of one can be significantly different from another depending on the sourcing approach, value chain, quality, and end-of-life management.

With this new collaboration, clients will benefit from a more robust insight into understanding the footprint of their product and activities from sourcing to end-of-life by identifying hidden emission and toxic hotspots and identifying alternative options. Whilst this will help our clients develop evidence-based decarbonisation strategies and solutions, it will also be increasingly important for policy makers to understand as we look to take a more holistic approach to net zero. We are excited to work with our clients to identify best practice and ensure that there are minimal spillover effects in the production of sustainable products. While we know that many organisations are already considering these broader impacts, regulations are becoming increasingly more stringent, which means that awareness and consideration enable manufacturers to stay one step ahead of the competition.”

Robert Pell, Founder and CEO of Minviro emphasises:

By combining Minviro’s world-leading raw material product-based life cycle assessment expertise with Gemserv’s broad corporate sustainability services, this exciting new partnership gives companies producing decarbonisation technology the data insights and confidence to lead the way in future technology markets. We’re thrilled to be working alongside Gemserv on this initial project focused on heat pumps, a cornerstone of societal decarbonisation strategies, by ensuring that products are sourced and manufactured in a way that has a minimal impact to the environment. Further, by offering our complete sustainability perspective on a key innovation, we allow the products and companies to be ahead of the curve as legislation tightens in the wake of global critical minerals acts and battery carbon footprint regulations.”

The new partnership will prove critical to companies as the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive comes into effect, impacting 49,000 companies across the EU. Gemserv and Minviro can directly support companies to assess how new regulations impact their businesses and offer product level recommendations.

To find out more please contact us here.