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The impact of the AI Draft Regulation on the insurance industry

4th Jun, 2021

What will this mean for insurance companies?

The EU’s Proposal for a Regulation on Artificial Intelligence (‘Draft Regulation’) proposes cutting-edge changes that will require whole-scale assessments of the costs and benefits of using AI systems. The insurance sector, in particular is one that will be affected by at least two of the requirements in the Draft Regulation.

Our Senior Data Protection Consultant, Kaveh Cope-Lahooti takes us through the impacts that the Draft Regulation will have on insurance companies and what they need to consider.

Download your free paper now to learn:

  • What the AI Draft Regulation is.
  • How this will impact the assignment of customer credit scores for financial products.
  • What your organisation’s obligations are when deploying AI systems.
  • When you need to act.

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Kaveh Cope-Lahooti

Principal Consultant - Data Privacy

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